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Goodbye to “The Boot!”

on January 13, 2014

Well this is my formal GOODBYE to the boot! I took it off for the last time, and hope I will never have to put it on again!!!!

Good Riddance to You, Boot!


First, a quick aside. Before I say goodbye to it for good, I can’t believe I forgot to share a true gem of a picture from my Adventures in the Boot section of this blog entry. On December 28th I attended the Pinstripe Bowl in Yankee Stadium between Rutgers University and Notre Dame with my dad and brother. We entered the stadium on the exact opposite side as our seats were and I had no idea how I’d manage to walk that far in the boot, so we had to get Yankee Stadium staff to put me in a wheelchair. It was a bit embarrassing but I was in good spirits about it, and my dad had a ball taking a photo shoot of me being pushed around Yankee Stadium in a wheelchair, all in the name of being able to cheer for my favorite college football team (Rutgers!!)


Anyway….. so this week has gone well for me. This was my 5th week in the boot, but the first time I was cleared to add more physical activity, and was also allowed to wear the boot only to work my full-time job (where I have to do a ton of walking around) and then spend a few hours each day in sneakers and no boot. I did the stationary bike every other day for 35-45 minutes each time, and it felt AMAZING to be sweating and getting my heart rate up again. I went swimming once. Friday I got to go to yoga for the first time since I hurt my foot and that felt WONDERFUL. And today I went on a mile walk. My foot doesn’t hurt anymore, but the muscles that I didn’t use while walking in the boot (the boot keeps the foot/ankle in a static position so you walk without flexing your ankle at all) are feeling a little stiff and sore. Hopefully that will work itself out quickly though. Tomorrow I will work sans boot, and hopefully get to shove that thing way in the back of my closet!

My plan for returning to running is to play it by ear. This week I am going to continue biking, add the elliptical, and see how walking around all day everyday at work without the boot goes. If this week goes well, I hope to start running next week!! A light at the end of the tunnel!


One response to “Goodbye to “The Boot!”

  1. BakeNBurn says:

    Congratulations on getting the boot off! It looks like you’ll be up and running in no time!

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