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My new “running wall!”

on January 27, 2014

My parents came to visit me at my apartment in Brooklyn today (they live about 45 minutes to an hour away in NJ). They came to hang out, and for my dad to make me a “running brag wall.”


On the far left is what started the initial thought that I should dedicate some wall space to running related things. My dad had given me for my birthday in October a framed picture of NYC marathoners crossing the Verrazano Bridge (which is right by my apartment, and I run UNDER it almost every day because the jogging path I do most of my training runs on goes underneath it, and it is my dream to one day run OVER it to begin the NYC Marathon…..2015 I am hoping!!) that has a quote I love on it: “Believe in yourself. You must do that which you think you cannot.” -Eleanor Roosevelt.


I had never gotten around to hanging it up/finding a place to hang it. Then for Christmas my dad gave me 3 framed 8 x 10s of us from the 3 races we ran together in 2013.  I had a lot of other professional race photos that I have bought that I haven’t done much with other than post on Facebook, and I was also realizing I should figure out a medal hanger, because I was collecting a few medals and they were all on closet door knobs. So I decided to take down what I had up on one wall of my bedroom (the original wall was framed black and white pictures I had taken during my study abroad in Europe…I like them but I am ok with a little change) and my dad had a design concept for a “running wall” he wanted to try. So today he came to be handy with tools and creative with design and I handed my wall over to him. Here are a few more pictures of different segments of the wall:



Close-up of the medal hanger:


He wanted to make something that is flexible, as I run more races and have more pictures he wants me to be able to add to it easily and switch around pictures without additional holes in the wall. I already have a few more pictures I want to print out and have framed, but my printer broke as well as the Rite Aid photo machine, so I didn’t get them printed before he came today. His original design was to hang those chains from a long two by four that he had painted black and screwed these cool stainless steel knobs into. But since my walls are made of plaster and not drywall, the walls would simply not hold the weight of the two by four so he ended up going with Plan B and just screwing the chains into the wall. I think it turned out really cool! Can’t wait to print out and frame a few more pictures for it, and run more races and get more pictures and medals to add :):). Thanks to my dad for doing this for me!

And here’s a bonus picture of my parents’ dog Mia asleep on my futon, cuz it’s cute:):



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