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Race Recap: Harbor Fitness Race for Autism 5K 4/27/14

on May 7, 2014

Better late than never…. decided to do a quick RR for my 5K last Sunday (even though I am missing 3 races in March/early April still….I’ll do them eventually I swear!).


Short Version: No PR, but a fun day raising money for my school for children with Autism!

 Long Version:

On Sunday, April 27th I ran the Harbor Fitness Race for Autism 5K in my neighborhood of Bay Ridge in Brooklyn, NY. This race was put on by a gym in my neighborhood (Harbor Fitness) and the proceeds go to benefit the school I work at, The HeartShare School, which is a school for children with Autism. This race was fun, as I had a lot of co-workers that were there as well, some running and some walking. Other than the 5K they also had a kids race (about a block) in which a few kids from my school ran in, which was really nice to see. Then they had a lot of family oriented activities such as face painting and a bouncy castle, and the Zumba instructors from the gym had outdoor Zumba after the race. I did Zumba with a girl who goes to my school for probably 45 minutes after….and had a blast! They also had a bunch of raffles and free food. It was a very nice event, and a BEAUTIFUL spring day! One of the kids from my school that I worked with even walked the whole 5K race, it was so awesome to see!!


As for my race, I didn’t really have a strategy. #1 priority was to enjoy the day, have fun with some co-workers and friends, and support my school. I haven’t had a new 5K PR in almost a year. Which is crazy as my first 6-7 months of running I had one huge 5K PR after another. My first 5K was October 2012, a 37:07. My second was November 2012 and I PRed by over 3 minutes. My third was March 2013 and I PRed by over a minute. My 4th was April 2013 and I PRed by 4 minutes and got my first sub-30 5K (and killed it at 28:30). My 5th 5K was May of 2013 and I had a teeny PR (28:16). I went from a 37:07 in October 2012 to a 28:16 in May 2013. Almost 9 minutes off my initial time, and huge PRs each race. ANNNNNND I haven’t PRed since. So I feel that I am overdue! The problem is, in May of last year my focus shifted to half marathon training. And I have been training for and running half marathons (or injured, or recovering from injury!) ever since. I have run several 5Ks since May 2013 but either was just doing it for fun and not trying for a PR, or it wasn’t the right time in my training to give a PR a real shot, or had injury issues, or I HAVE tried to PR, and failed. My 3 previous 5K PR attempts have fallen short by at least 45 seconds….all of them in the 29s somewhere. Needless to say, I WANT A NEW PR! I had hoped that this race may be my day. HOWEVER….. since I returned from Hawaii the week before I was REALLY TIRED. I didn’t adapt well back into the time zone, I had come down with a bit of a head cold, I was just exhausted. I had run a cumulative of only 8 miles since my half marathon in Hawaii on 4/13, and not a step since I had came home on 4/20. So….. hard to determine going into the race if that would help me or hurt me.


I didn’t have much of a strategy other than maybe try to PR but if I couldn’t then just enjoy the run. I decided just to start fast and see what happened…if fast felt good I’d go with it, if not then I would just run easy. I ran the first mile in 8:37. Which was DEFINITELY below PR pace (a 28:16, my still current PR that was set 5/5/13 is a 9:06 pace). Had I kept that up I would have had a HUGE PR. However, maybe I should have tried to pace myself a little better because I quickly realized I had gone out too fast. I didn’t really look at my Garmin during that mile, I just RAN….and maybe I should have been a little more disciplined. After the first mile I felt myself slowing down a little. I glanced down at my Garmin a few times and was seeing paces in the low 9s…. generally like 9:05, 9:03, 9:08…in that range. Which is still PR pace, and if I could run the last 2 miles at that pace I would still PR. But I hit the halfway point and my body just said NO. My calves cramped up bad and I was really sucking wind. And….just…..no. I decided not to kill myself over this race and let my pace fall way off. My last mile was 10:40. Meh. I was just out there to have fun….a PR would have been a nice bonus but when I wasn’t feeling it I was ok with letting it go. My time was 29:23. Not even close to a PR. Meh. It was, however, my 6th sub-30 5K time, which was a HUGE goal for me when I started running. And best of all I had fun raising money for my school on a beautiful spring day in my neighborhood.




Race outfit:


“Before” and “After” with my good friend Marilyn, who PRed in her 3rd 5K and got her “A” goal of sub-40 minutes!




Me and my co-worker Darnell


Thanks for reading!


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