A Girl Runs in Brooklyn

The Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step

Random musings from my training run tonight

on July 15, 2015

Beginning my 3rd week of marathon training, I went for a run this evening on my usual running route. It is on a path right along the water. That water being the Verrazano Narrows, which is located south of Manhattan after the East River and Hudson Rivers combine, flowing down to the Atlantic Ocean a couple more miles south. The water often can become very rough, as often that area is notorious for wind whipping through it. The wind that can be painful and unbearable in the winter, and refreshing in the summer…..was not present tonight. The water was eerily calm. Waves that can sometimes angrily crash onto the rocks next to the jogging path, and often spray water up and over the rail that separates the path from the rocks below, were not to be seen tonight, the water was almost completely still, looking like a sheet of glass. The Verrazano Narrows is an active shipping channel, and in the morning, many boats come through, but tonight, not one. The water was completely peaceful. I was running right at dusk, my favorite time to run in the summer. The heat of the sun is gone, and it is dark but not black. Tonight, it was the calm between the storms. It had rained most of the day, and thunderstorms threatened for the overnight, but there was not a cloud to be seen, the stars were out and so was everyone else. There was a free concert in the park adjacent to the path, and the music from the cover band could be heard. There were tons of runners, walkers, roller bladers, cyclists, fishermen, couples on evening strolls, and families with children on scooters and bikes, enjoying the time between the storms on what turned out to be a lovely summer evening. I was doing a 4 mile out and back run. First, I was running towards the Verrazano Bridge. The lights were on and the bridge looked majestic against the darkening sky, perfectly reflected in the still water below it. Doing most of my daily training runs with the Verrazano Bridge as the backdrop helps motivate me for marathon training. That bridge is the start of the race, and I will run over it in 16 short weeks. After my Garmin beeped for mile #2, I turned around. As I rounded a curve, the Statue of Liberty came into view, all lit up in her glory. As I further rounded the bend, the Manhattan Skyline came into view, all the lights lit up, the spires of the Freedom Tower and the Empire State Building twinkling. For some reason, tonight I was acutely tuned into my surroundings. Into the running path that I am on so often that I sometimes don’t take the time to fully appreciate the view. I felt privileged and lucky to be on this run tonight. Too frequently I am thinking about how hot it is, my pace, all the things I have to do that day, work stress, or chatting with a running partner. Tonight, I just appreciated being out there.

Photo not taken by me, but this is exactly what the bridge looked like tonight. Taken by Louisa Caragan

Photo not taken by me, but this is exactly what the bridge looked like tonight. Taken by Louisa Caragan


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